Oxygen Supply Tubing

We manufacture 5 channel, crush resistant, frosted Saflo oxygen tubing available in clear, green and a bright orange color. Connectors are regular, multi-fit (universal) and wingtip. Tubing is available in various lengths.

Saflo Oxygen Supply Tubing

Our Saflo oxygen tubing is non-kink, and available in a variety of lengths from 8 inches to 50 ft or longer. We also offer different connector options including:

  • Wingtip connectors for easy connection/disconnection
  • Multi-fit connectors for installation on any oxygen supply nozzle
  • Low-friction swivel connectors to eliminate twisting
  • Simple male-to-male connectors










Corrugated Tubing 

Corrugated 20mm and 19mm magenta scavenger tubing is available in various lengths.

CPAP Tubing 

CPAP tubing is available in PPE and Hytrel. Applications include breathing circuits in sleep apnea and ventilation.