Jemsdal® Mask - CO2 monitoring

for monitoring non-intubated spontaneously breathing patients












The Jemsdal® Mask is used for measuring end-tidal CO2 (ETCO2) in expired gases while supplying oxygen to the patient.  ETCO2 measurement is achieved by connecting the luer-type monitoring port of the mask to a capnograph by means of a sampling tube.


● Monitoring of spontaneously breathing, sedated patients in the emergency room, operating theater and postanaesthetic care unit
● Apnea monitoring in intensive care unit
● Monitoring patients during local anaesthetic upper head and eye operations while receiving oxygen


● One mask serves dual purpose of oxygen supply and ETCO2 monitoring terminal
● Blunted and shortened nasal portion of mask with soft foam sealing strip and malleable metal strip allows for reduced gas leakage into eye area while providing improved access to eyes and upper face.
● The mask was invented by Dr. David Evans, Toronto General Hospital and patented in 1995 in the U.S. and Canada.  It is currently in use by Canadian and U.S. hospitals, manufactured and sold by Respan Products Inc
● The disposable Jemsdal® Mask allows you to conveniently connect your face mask to an ETCO2 monitor while the patient is breathing spontaneously.
● Excellent correlation between patient ventilation and capnograph tracing
● Clear mask incorporates unique entraining port with luer-lock connector for easy attachment to capnograph sampling catheter
● Specially shaped Jemsdal® Mask provides a high degree of patient comfort while maintaining appropriate fit
● Comfortable nose bridge reduces patient irritation from extraneous oxygen flow
● Cut away shape allows easier access to the eyes
● Comes with kink resistant saflo oxygen tubing and ETCO2 connector

Available in adult, small adult (SAM) and pediatric sizes


ETCO2 tracing from sample port to JEMSDAL® mask